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    Thinking of DIY House cleaning? Well, you won’t get the same results obtained by hiring skilled and trained cleaners no matter how hard you try. Take your load-off with Hire tradies’ exciting House cleaning tailored packages.  Our kiwis will leave your home sparkling clean and fresh. 

    Need quality cleaning services on short notice? Our expert cleaners will reach your doorstep within a few hours. Call us today for affordable and customized cleaning packages in Auckland, Rotorua, Christchurch, Dunedin, Hamilton, and other local areas.

     We guarantee 100% Satisfaction!

    • Verified & Contactless Payment Options.
    • Quality-Checked & Affordable Cleaning packages.
    • We resolve all the complaints & queries within 72 hours.
    • We provide services for SMB’s, Renters, Owners & MNC’s.
    • Our vetted house cleaners deliver on-time quality services.
    Expert Cleaning Services

    Our Popular House Cleaning Services Auckland

    End of Tenancy Cleaning

    End of Tenancy Cleaning
    From $149

    Book Hiretradies to get back 100% bond value and a hassle-free move-out. Our professionals use innovative cleaning techniques to vacate and clean the rental property in minimum time.

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    Spring / Deep Cleaning

    Deep Cleaning
    From $149

    We offer customized deep cleaning packages weekly and monthly as per your budget and requirement. Our top vetted cleaners will leave your house sparkling clean and germ-free.

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    Upholstery Cleaning

    From $20

    Regular upholstery cleaning is essential to maintain the furniture quality and keep it safe from dust, building, and stains. Call us today and let our technicians visit for initial screening.

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    Mould Cleaning

    Mould Cleaning
    From $50/HR

    Mould looks awful in the houses and can damage your wall ceilings. Our kiwis will fix the moisture, treat the mould, rinse and deodorize before restoring it. Book an appointment today!

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    Lawn Mowing & Trimming

    From $30

    We have got you covered all from weed removal, spray, trimming to section tidies in our lawn Mowing & gardening services. So, Relax and leave the lawn cleaning to our experts.

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    Curtain Cleaning

    From $30

    Our experts can handle all kinds of curtain fabrics with specialized mould treatments. Your curtains will look as good as new with our modern curtain cleaning & superior drying techniques.

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    Windows Cleaning

    From $110

    Our effective window cleaning services will make your dirty, dull, and clogged windows as good as new with our modern equipment. Save your valuable time & equipment buying cost.

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    Carpet Cleaning

    From $60

    Our high-quality carpet cleaning services in Auckland will deeply clean your carpet, removing all kinds of stains and foul smells. Call us today without worrying about hidden charges.

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    most Trusted Cleaning Partner

    Hiretradies is the most Trusted Cleaning Partner in NZ

    Hiretradies is known for its quality services and trustworthy experts. We take pride in our local industry knowledge and years of experience.  Our vetted and certified cleaners are capable enough to handle any kind of cleaning job.

    The innovative cleaning techniques and use of the latest equipment make us stand out in the Newzealand’s cleaning industry.  We offer hassle-free cleaning services at the minimum possible time without compromising on quality. 

    HireTradies is a 100% insured and fixed price platform. So you need not to worry about any hidden contracts and damages.  You can ask us to redo the services if not satisfied. We won’t charge you any single penny. Client satisfaction is our topmost priority. We are always ready to serve you!

    Why Choose HireTradies?

    Fixed Price

    Fixed Price

    Pay only for services you booked on-call or online. We won’t charge you any hidden costs or taxes.

    Hassle Free Booking

    Hassle-Free Booking

    Book Hiretradies quickly through our website or a phone call with a preferred time and service date.

    Police Verified Staff

    Police Verified Staff

    We only hire qualified, background checked & vetted staff to ensure the client's safety.

    Contactless E-Payments

    Contactless E-Payments

    Pay with ease using your credit/debit cards /e-wallets with safe electronic payment gateways.

    How We work?

    Book Online

    Select a preferred day, location and time for our team to show up.

    We Clean

    Let our Experts handle the cleaning job leaving no stains behind.

    You Relax

    Take your load-off & relax! Get a freshly cleaned house.

    Auckland Regular House Cleaning Checklist

    Clean all surfaces.
    Empty bins.
    Skirting wipe.
    Vacuum and mop all floors.
    Dust and wipe down all surfaces.
    Clean cobwebs.
    Wipe wardrobes outside.
    Dust Furniture and shelves, Electrical Fixtures.
    Clean window ledges.
    Make beds (upon request).
    Clean hallways, staircases.
    Clean all surfaces.
    Wet wipe outside of the fridge.
    Clean sink.
    Skirting wipe.
    Cobweb Removal.
    Clean floor area.
    Empty Waste.
    Clean counter top.
    Wipe kitchen cupboards (outside).
    Microwave inside and outside clean.
    Clean and polish appliances and Stove.
    Clean all surfaces.
    Clean floors (Vacuum or mop).
    Skirting wipe.
    Empty Waste.
    Cobweb Removal.
    Clean mirrors and glass.
    Shine & clean bathroom fixtures like taps.
    Clean and Sanitize tub, shower and sink.
    Clean Toilet Bowl.
    Carpet steam cleaning.
    Window Glasses.
    Oven Cleaning.
    Laundry area.
    Mould Removal.

    Bedroom, Living Room & All Common Areas

    • Clean all surfaces
    • Empty bins
    • Skirting wipe
    • Vacuum and mop all floors
    • Dust and wipe down all surfaces
    • Clean cobwebs
    • Wipe wardrobes outside
    • Dust Furniture and shelves, Electrical Fixtures
    • Clean window ledges
    • Make beds (upon request)
    • Clean hallways, staircases
    bedroom cleaning

    Bathroom Area

    • Clean all surfaces
    • Clean floors (Vacuum or mop)
    • Skirting wipe
    • Empty Waste
    • Cobweb Removal
    • Clean mirrors and glass
    • Shine & clean bathroom fixtures like taps
    • Clean and Sanitize tub, shower and sink
    • Clean Toilet Bowl

    Kitchen Area

    • Clean all surfaces
    • Wet wipe outside of the fridge
    • Clean sink
    • Skirting wipe
    • Cobweb Removal
    • Clean floor area
    • Empty Waste
    • Clean counter top
    • Wipe kitchen cupboards (outside)
    • Microwave inside and outside clean
    • Clean and polish appliances and Stove
    Kitchen Area

    Add Extra Cleaning services

    • Carpet steam cleaning
    • Window Glasses
    • Fridge
    • Oven Cleaning
    • Laundry area
    • Mould Removal

    How much Does Regular House
    Cleaning Cost in Auckland?

    Service Pricing Discount
    weekly biweekly monthly
    1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom $80 25% off 20 % off 5%
    2 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom $120 25% off 20 % off 5%
    3 Bedrooms, 1 Bathrooms $160 25% off 20 % off 5%
    4 Bedrooms, 1 Bathrooms $200 25% off 20 % off 5%
    5 Bedrooms, 1 Bathrooms $240 25% off 20 % off 5%
    6 Bedrooms, 1 Bathrooms $280 25% off 20 % off 5%
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    *All Prices are inclusive of GST. If your home doesn't match these parameters, please contact us.
    Extras Pricing
    Oven $45
    Refrigerator $35
    Window Glasses from $30
    Additional Full Bathrooms $15(ea)
    Garage Sweep $35
    laundry area $25
    full walls wash $45/Room
    Ceiling fly spots cleaning $45/Room
    Carpet Steam Cleaning $45/Room
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    Our Happy Clients Diaries


    Excellent Job! They cleaned my delicate curtains carefully with pick-and-drop services. Thank you, guys.

    Jeff Montgomery

    Totally satisfied with their move-out cleaning services! They helped me get a full bond refund and vacate the rented house. Even the house owner was delighted.


    Commendable and great work! I book them online for upholstery cleaning. I Didn’t expect such a fantastic result. My furniture looks almost new with no stains and dirt.

    Georgina williams

    Superb house cleaning! The team worked really fast and cleaned every nook and corner of the whole house. The house feels really good. Hire them today for unbelievable results.

    Suhayra Aden

    Highly recommendable! My carpet was stinking with pet pee and dirty coffee stains. I called hire tradies on a friends’ advice and was amazed by the shocking results. I can’t even recognize it’s the same carpet.

    Erana Dando

    Fantastic service! The cleaning team arrived and left the office without wasting any time. They took all the covid-19 safety precautions with easy contactless payment.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We accept both cash and cashless payments. You can pay us via e-wallets/cheques/credit cards etc.

    It’s up to you! We’ll send you early reminders for the due cleaning service. So, you can give us entry instructions in case you have a busy schedule. Don’t worry about your belongings! Hiretradies is a fully insured cleaning company.

    Unfortunately no! You need to pay for it. In case you need a laundry service, you can ask for it during the booking.

    We believe in transparency. If you have checked our website,  we have clearly mentioned the prices for respective services without any hidden cost. Rest, if you have any queries you can talk to us over the phone at 022 026 5920 or email: i[email protected]

    Hiretradies is one of the renowned cleaning Industries in Auckland with years of experience. We give full authority to our clients. All our expert cleaners are thoroughly vetted and qualified. Once you book an appointment with us, we’ll send you the confirmation detail along with the cleaner’s ID that‘ll reach your place.

    Need a Cleaning Expert on short notice?

    Hire tradies Weekly/Monthly regular cleaning services for homes & Offices are available at affordable & Tailored prices