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10 Essential Cleaning Hacks for Busy Homeowners

Cleaning Hacks for Busy Homeowners

Are you among the busy homeowners who keep procrastinating their cleaning schedule? Unable to maintain the cleaning standards and aesthetic of your house?  Well ‘s OK! Stop feeling guilty. It happens with most of the homeowners. 

Honestly, homeowners can’t spend hours on household chores while juggling with other responsibilities. Keeping a house clean becomes even more difficult if you have kids, and pets at home. Don’t worry, Hire Tradies has found some top cleaning hacks that require minimal effort. We have discussed safe, and time-savvy cleaning hacks for busy homeowners to make their house sparkling clean. 

1. Buy Quality Cleaning Products

Whenever buying cleaning equipment like vacuum cleaners, electric brooms, etc. always check the energy efficiency rating. To remove the dirt from different surfaces, invest in microfiber clothes that can be reused again. You may find these smart swaps expensive but it helps save both time and money in the long run.

2. Use Old toothbrush for Grout Cleaning

You can reuse the old toothbrush to clean  hard to reach areas like underneath faucets, or behind the sink. All you need to do is make a paste of baking soda and water, apply it over the toothbrush, and scrub on the surface . Let it sit for a while, and wipe with a clean cloth. You’ll be amazed to see the results. You can also use toothbrush to remove hard water stains, or wine/coffee spots from carpets, or sofas.

3. Use a Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Cordless vacuum cleaners have better reach, and can quickly vacuum your carpets, couches, or other furnishings. Handheld vacuum cleaners consume low energy while accumulating dirt, hair, food scraps, or crumbs.  The best feature of handheld vacuum cleaners is the compact size that makes them easily portable. You can even clean your car with this highly efficient vacuum cleaner. 

4. Declutter Daily

Make decluttering an essential part of your daily cleaning routine. Do you know cluttered spaces strongly influence our emotional and mental health?  To start with, you can clear the flat surface, place the objects back to their places, throw way the expired food items, or donate the cloths or things that you don’t use anymore. To make decluttering interesting,  you can take a 12-12-12 challenge i.e. to donate 12 items, restore 12 items, and throw 12 items.

5. Stick to your Cleaning Schedule

Set a specific time for cleaning your house, and stick to that. There should be no ifs, and buts. Regular cleaning reduces the need of professional cleaning services for deep cleaning your house. To begin with, add 30 minutes to your daily cleaning routine. Fix your cleaning schedule, create a checklist with weekly to-do-cleaning chores, and complete your cleaning tasks. Be true to yourself, and make sure you don’t skip the schedule. Trust us, you’ll experience a sense of  satisfaction while tick-marking your checklist.

6. Get your Kids to Work 

Cleaning with kids can be a fun task. Assign them some easy cleaning tasks like picking up their toys, organizing books, Setting/Clearing up the table, or put dirty clothes in launday bins. These smart cleaning hacks will reduce your workload, and you’ll get some time to relax. All your children needs is some appreciation, and reward after finishing the cleaning task.

7. Cleaning Caddy

Portable cleaning caddy is an excellentt  buy  that contains all cleaning equipment. So, you won’t have to rush everytime for picking up the tools. This well-organized caddy has different sections for different cleaning supplies for better focus on cleaning. Moreover, you can easily carry cleaning caddy to your kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom without any fear of spills. Having everything on one place saves your time, and energy.

8. Remove Dust with Dryer Sheets

Dusting with a cloth or feather duster can be frustrating but Dryer sheets can do the same task quickly, and efficiently. Dryer Sheets can easily trap the dirt, and dust particles from your ceiling fans, floors, baseboards, or furnishings. The best part is the nice fragrance they leave after ever cleaning session. Trust us, you won’t regret buying dryer sheets.

9. Instant Cleaning

If you can, incorporate the habit of instant cleaning. We know its easy to say than to do. Instant cleaning is a skill that most of the homeowners fails at. We keep on procrastinating things to later or tomorrow. After using, you can put things backs to their places, immediately clean the wine/tea/coffee spots, wipe the kitchen/bathroom platform, make bed as soon as you get up. Practicing these cleaning hacks can make your life smoother, and home cleaner. 

10. Dedicated Room Baskets

To quickly organize your bedrooms, you can keep separate laundry bins in each room. Implement the rule  ‘Clean as you go’ in house. Ask other family members to put the dirty clothes in bins, or toys in baskets. It is an efficient way to keep you rooms organized, and decluttered. One can easily find the stuff they are looking for. Also, It’ll save your energy, and time.

We hope these 10 cleaning hacks for busy homeowners can help them maintain the freshness, and aesthetic vibes. Keeping your clean is a skill that needs practice to attain  perfection. 

Still struggling with house cleaning? Or, not getting satisfactory results? House cleaning Auckland services are just call away.  We’ll make your house clean, and bright. So, you start fresh with a fresh house.

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