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Top 9 Effortless Ways Of Cleaning Your House

Cleaning Your House

We know that people don’t like to talk about household odors, but it’s crucial to deal with them. Otherwise, the stains and smells can stay in your house, and you will refuse to leave. Well, there are lots of natural remedies you can follow, but if you don’t have that extra time & can spend some money on the deep cleaning of your house, then you must hire HireTradies providing the best cleaning services & considered the best Builder Cleaning company in Auckland

Well, unpleasant smells are never ever welcomed, but they come like an unwelcome guest refusing to go & we instantly try to find out the best methods to get rid of such unpleasant scents. However, you must know the cause of eradicating the problem; you must be trying to clean your sofa, blind, Upholstery, etc. & talking about Upholstery. We are also known as the finest Upholstery cleaning Auckland due to our tremendous work & the huge client-base. 

9 Ways To Clean The House Effortlessly

Here are the nine ways of getting away from that odor and having that fresh & clean vibe in your home. 

Start with the Trash

The waste and food spills can make your trash stink, so 1st start by freshening them up, clean the trash with water and soap and then dry them thoroughly. You can also clean by sprinkling the baking soda using the deodorizing pack under the can’s liner. 

Moreover, to get rid of future odor, you can dust the bottom of the garbage with scented cat litter or you can also add a few peels of lemon or orange. Though, just be careful with the metal trash cans while cleaning, don’t use baking soda inside them. Otherwise, it might corrode the metal; however, in this case, rather than sprinkling, you can just make a sachet of baking soda with any wrapper and place it in the bottom of the can. 

Deep Clean the House

What you have to do is take out all the stuff from the cabinets and clean it thoroughly and internally. Use damp clothes to clean the walls & also the items that need to be cleaned & then leave them to air dry. 

If you don’t have much time, you can also hire a company for the deep cleaning of your house.

Clean Out the Refrigerator

After cleaning all the shelves, drawers, and cabinets with warm water & baking soda, it’s time to clean up your refrigerator. To prevent odors from coming out from the refrigerator, you can keep a box of baking soda on the shelf at the back of your refrigerator. 

Alternatively, you can also put the vanilla extract-soaked cotton balls & place them in the back of your refrigerator. Remove the cotton balls when they are dried out and replace them with new ones.

Check Basement & Crawl Spaces

It’s not just where you get more traffic than other parts of the house; deep cleaning isn’t just that. You should check the laundry room, basement, and closet, which are usually dark and cold. These items are exposed to water and humidity, which is the main cause of mold growth. Install openings and window openings around the area so that fresh air and sunlight can pass through. Thoroughly clean any furniture or appliances in these areas so you can remove any odors immediately.

Time to Clean the Dishwasher

The bacteria can attack every bit of your dishwasher, causing it to smell very bad. So, to get away with the odor, remove all the particles from the bottom of the machine, and then remove & rinse the filter. You can also pour the water vinegar into the machine, then simply run the machine. 

In the midway, you have to pause the cycle for about 15 to 20 minutes so that the mixture of water and vinegar can break down, restart, and finish the cycle.

Check the Air Quality of Your Space

Well, the HVAC system in your house can cause that putrid smell; you have to clean your HVAC system. Well, if we talk about deep cleaning service, professional cleaners can do their job really well, so just hire HireTraders, the best Upholstery cleaning Auckland company, who can help you with having cooler and warmer air quality in your house. 

Check Out All the Fabrics

That nutty & stinky smell is usually trapped in the fabrics and clothes. The smells can be in your towels, bedsheets, or any linen fabrics in your house. So, what happens is when these clothes are unclean & moist, then they can smell very bad, which can usually cause an unpleasant scent in your house. So, what to do then? Well, the best way to get rid of the uncleanliness and smell is by washing them out in the machine with baking soda and vinegar.

Clean Your Cutting Boards

Well, it’s a tiny task, but sanitizing the cutting board is always a good option so it doesn’t keep that strong onion and garlic. Well, we suggest you stick to the plastic dishwasher, but if you have wooden ones, scrub them with lemon after dipping them into the salt.

Ventilate the Space

It’s crucial to leave the doors and windows open for a while to get away from that crumbling smell. During the day, let sunlight enter your house through the window. Moreover, You can also install an air humidifier to have freshness in your house so it remains free of that humidity even when the doors and windows are closed.

The Bottom Line

Now, winding up the blog here, hope you will follow our suggestion… Although, if you don’t have that extra time to indulge in cleaning, then just contact HireTraders, one of the best Builder Cleaners in  Auckland.

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