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Guide to an effortless 7 days holiday cleanup

Holidays translate to a period that is all about eating, relaxing, and having fun with your guests and loved ones. However, we are all aware that receiving guests and preparing for any holiday celebration can become quite hectic. To relieve yourself of any such trouble, planning and preparing ahead of time is a necessity. A thorough clean-up of your house is the first step 

Making your home holiday-ready doesn’t have to be a tiresome task. A proper checklist and a proportionate distribution of work over days will ensure the workload does not ruin your holidays. Here’s our guide to a thoroughly planned and fun cleanup regimen that will help you efficiently utilize your time without having to overwork yourself. So, let’s dive into this day-wise plan with the holiday vibe intact.

1. Day One

The first day is more about analysis than physical work. Begin your holiday clean-up journey with a proper inspection of your home right from the entrance to the last nook and corner. Look at the details and notice the visible imperfections that might become apparent to the guests. The next step is working up a plan for the next six days and dividing the workload evenly among all the family members. Depending on their capabilities of course!

2. Day Two

Start the second day by cleaning the most visible areas of the house. However, if it is something that is likely to get soiled very quickly, leave it for later. Start with a thorough window cleaning and vacuum their screens. Wash the window curtains next and clean up the baseboards using a mop. Also, make sure to wash your bedding and linens including that of the guest room/s.

3. Day Three

On the third day get down to the rooms that your guests will be using the most, i.e. the guest bedrooms. Clean these rooms properly including deep cleaning of the bathrooms. Declutter the rooms and throw away the things that are not needed. Tidy up the rooms to a presentable state.

4. Day Four

With just a few days left for the holiday season, it’s time to zoom in on the entryway. To ensure your home’s entrance is holiday-ready start by making up some space and adding some extra hangers in your coat closet. Also, send your rugs to the washers or give them a wash on your own, whatever suits you the best. 

5. Day Five

With one more day down, it’s time to head to the kitchen and prepare it for the big feasts! Here, start with the stove and give it a thorough cleanup including the stovetop, the vents, and other small parts. Declutter and clean up the refrigerator so that there’s enough space for the upcoming holiday feast. Lastly, tidy up the cabinets, countertop, and other electronics too.

6. Day Six

Day six of your house cleaning regimen includes tackling the tasks involving dusting and sweeping. Start by sweeping the entrance and putting in some personal touch to make it season-ready. Dust all the visible surfaces properly. Don’t forget to give your kitchen sink a quick clean-up as well.

7. Day Seven

Reserve the last and the final day for touch-ups. Clean any visibly soiled areas of your bathrooms and vanity mirrors and give a superficial clean-up to everything.  Empty the trash cans and add in the fresh lining. Ready the sofa and cushions for the guests. Get all your decorative items such as flowers, lighting, and candles ready for the occasion.


Holidays are indeed a wonderful time of the year. Not only does their arrival bring smiles to our faces, but they also get us motivated to get some much-needed tasks done, which otherwise remain postponed for one reason or another, one of them being cleaning! So, this holiday season get all the equipment and get your family ready for a pre-holiday house cleaning. We promise that if you follow this step-wise procedure you’ll be done with the task before you even realise it. However, if you feel this is too much to handle, you can always call for a professional cleaning service to help you with the same!

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