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Cleaning with Kids: Fun and Educational Strategies for Tidying Up

house cleaning with kids

Want your kids to learn the value of cleanliness? We know how difficult it is to organize, and maintain hygiene, especially in homes with little monsters. But what if we tell you that cleaning with kids can be full of fun, and adventure?  We know how important it is for the kids to inculcate cleaning habits at the right age. Not only it helps cleaning the house but also improves their skills, and sense of responsibility.

If kids have inevitable ways to mess up the house, Hire Tradies has also found numerous ways to reorganize the house. Yes, in this interesting guide, we’ll tell you how to teach them the art of organizing and transforming cleaning into a play with fun and educational strategies.

Read to find some smart cleaning hacks for busy moms that can easily get your kids to clean household chores. 

1. Make Cleaning a family affair

Follow the ‘Let’s do it together’ strategy to encourage your kids to clean. Make them learn the art of eating together, playing together, and cleaning together. Set a timer for 10 minutes to quickly sweep the house altogether. You’ll notice that cleaning has become an easier, and fun task. It helps save time and energy which means you can spend some quality time together. 

2. Assign Age-Specific Cleaning Tasks

You just can’t assign any random cleaning task to your kids, make sure the tasks are age-specific. Here’s the list of some cleaning chores based on different age groups. 

Toddlers (1-3 years)

  • Get your little ones to work by assigning simple tasks like putting the toys back in their places.
  • Gentle wiping with a soft microfiber cloth.
  • Buy a kids-friendly duster to remove the dirt from lower surfaces. 
  • Put dirty clothes in laundry baskets. 

Preschoolers (4-6 years):

  • Younger ones can start contributing to cleaning by making their beds and placing blankets, and pillows nicely.
  • Putting dishes, and other kitchen utensils in the sink after finishing their meals. 
  • They can easily water indoor plants with a small can.
  • Make them learn how to sort laundry so they can easily separate the white, and colored clothes in different bins.

Elementary School (7-9 years):

  • Buy a short-size broom so they help in sweeping dirt from floors. 
  • Ask them to Set the dining table while you are cooking in the kitchen.
  • Empty and replace the liners in trash bins.
  • They’ll love indulging in pet care chores like brushing, feeding, etc.

3. Kids love Appreciation

Often parents assign cleaning tasks as a punishment to their kids. So, by default, they have a negative approach to cleaning. It is time to leave the conventional ways of the old generation. You can encourage, or support the naughty ones when they are throwing some tantrums. Even, if they aren’t, appreciate them by saying how efficiently, and quickly they have cleaned their room. Once they are done with the cleaning, reward them with their favorite snacks or dessert. Don’t forget to say ‘Thank You’ in the end. Such small gestures help them consider cleaning a contribution not a burden.

4. Teach Why & How to Organize

To maintain the aesthetic vibes of your house, it’s important to incorporate the art of organizing into your kid’s cleaning routine. Start from teaching how to organize books on shelves or their school bags, setting the toys with color, or organizing their room. You can also create a checklist for To-do-Things, teach them to mark important dates on a calendar, or schedule time for different tasks. There are lots of ways that you can use to make them learn the importance of organizing things or time. Gradually, they will adapt, and implement these skills into other parts of life for their good.

5. Host a Cleaning Contest

Your Kids will thank you for staging a fun cleaning contest. It is the best thing to do if you have two or more kids. Simply assign them a specific area, set the timer, and reward the one who completes the cleaning task faster. Kids love being appreciated and rewarded with Playstation CDs, chocolate packing, or other. You can also implement a point system or give them $10 each time they clean their room. It is one of the best ways to motivate your children to keep the property clean.

6. Be their Role Model

Kids are great at analyzing their surroundings. Be it your behavior, or cleanliness habits, they learn from what they see. Children try their best to do the same things. So, why not become their role model? Parents can help children to instill the cleaning habits at the right age. See, how? 

Set a specific time for your regular yet sustainable cleaning routine accompanied by your kid. While cleaning the table tops, you can ask them to pick up the toys or throw away the food scraps into bins.

Side by side,  keep explaining to them about the importance of maintaining cleanliness, how to do it, and why should we do cleaning every single day.

7. Implement ‘Grandma’s Rule’

We all have heard this phrase in movies or certain families. When you are frustrated with never-ending cleaning tasks, Grandam’s Rule works like a wonder. It also fosters a sense of responsibility, and maintaining hygiene in them. You can’t get cleaning done by children with a dictatorship attitude.  Isn’t it better to say that Once you have done your clean sweeps, you can use your PlayStation?  Kids are too smart these days, so you have to be smarter to get your tasks done on time.

8. Be Consistent with your Cleaning Schedule

We all are aware of the fact that consistency is the key to success, and the same applies to your cleaning routine too. You can follow the formula of 21 days to instill a cleaning habit in your kids. They also need some time to set to new routines. Fix a specific cleaning time and tasks that are to be done daily. We guarantee you’ll feel the difference. Your kids will complete the job without you having to say.

We hope these 10 cleaning hacks for busy homeowners can help them maintain the freshness, and aesthetic vibes. Keeping your clean is a skill that needs practice to attain  perfection. 

Still struggling with house cleaning? Or, not getting satisfactory results? House cleaning Auckland services are just call away.  We’ll make your house clean, and bright. So, you start fresh with a fresh house.

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