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How To Wash Plastic Shower Curtains?

How To Wash Plastic Shower Curtains?

If you are wondering how often you should clean your plastic curtains, then what are the safe methods to wash them off? 

Well, the first answer is you should wash your curtains too often & if talking about washing, it needs to be done very carefully. However, hiring professional ones is the best option, & if we talk about professionalism, then HireTradies comes on top, providing the best Deep cleaning Auckland. 

Now, moving forward with the blog, with our tips and tricks, it will be much easier for you to wash the curtains right away… go through the tips thoroughly so that you don’t have to toss them every few months. 

How to Wash Plastic Shower Curtains?

Well, bathing is the most relaxing thing you do once a day, but it can become uncomfortable when the stains on the curtains catch your attention. However, the plastic curtains due to water get stained & there are chances to get dirty very often. Here are the two methods you can follow to wash out the curtains, or maybe if you do not want to get your hands dirty, go for services like Curtain Cleaning Auckland by some renowned disinfecting companies. 

Method 1: The Washing Machine

Use warm water while washing your curtains, and add some vinegar, baking soda, or maybe some laundry detergent. Well, you don’t have to pick all the items, just pick any one of them & you are good to go. Don’t do extra experiments. Otherwise, it may harm your curtain very badly. Now, after washing the curtains, just hang them on the rod or anywhere to dry. 

Method 2: Handwash

If you don’t want to use your washing machine or may think it’s a risk to wash curtains in them, then you can wash the plastic curtains with microfiber cloths, just dampen them and sprinkle some baking soda. Use this solution to wash out the entire curtain. Scrub gently; now, after scrubbing, rinse it out with warm water so that all the hard stains go out that are still there are. Rinse until you get the clean curtain. 

However, if you don’t have that much time, you can easily hire HireTradies; the staff have years of experience in cleaning and are known as curtain  cleaning experts in  Auckland.

How Often Should You Wash Your Plastic Curtain?

Well, not more often, but it might be more often than you think; though most people think that washing curtains are a waste of time, all you do is run the eater through them & it’s good to go. 

Well, not every time you can do this; this can only remove some odour & dirt. However, to remove the stains, you need to wash them properly. Moreover, These shower curtains are very prone to bacteria.

Make sure the shower curtain gets the attention it deserves every time your bathroom is properly cleaned. Usually, once a month is fine, as long as you wash them in the washing machine as directed. At the very least, however, you’ll want to wash the plastic shower curtain once every three months. When you think about it, four to 12 times a year is not really, and then the process should not take long now that you know how to wash the shower curtain.

How to Remove the Mold From the Curtains?

Well, due to the exposure to moisture and humidity, there is a high chance that the plastic curtains can develop some molds, which are very harmful to a human if they are inhaling it. 

Moreover, without much effort, you can easily remove the molds with a simple mixture of vinegar & water, as vinegar is not harmful to plastic curtains and can also easily remove the moulds. 

You must make a mixture in a spray bottle, spray it on the curtain, let it settle for 15 to 20 minutes, and then remove the molds with a sponge or scrubbing. Now at the end, wash the curtain with clear water and let it dry. 

Moving on, if you are a tenant & at the End of tenancy cleaning Auckland, you can hire professionals that will save you time and energy. Moreover, Deep cleaning Auckland is all you need.

How to Maintain the Plastic Shower Curtain?

If you don’t have the urge to invest in plastic curtains every time, then maintaining them is all you can do. Make a habit of cleaning the plastic curtains once a month, and use some detergent & vinegar every time you are about to clean the curtains. 

Moreover, regularly washing the curtains will also save you from some extra energy you would invest if you were going to wash them after 3-4 months. However, as stated above, you can always hire professional staff for curtain cleaning in Auckland. 

Moving on, one of the plus points of washing it regularly is it will be a more convenient cleaning solution. However, just avoid those harsh chemicals that don’t suit the plastic curtains, otherwise, the colour can fade away & you might have to hunt for a new one. 

Well, all you need is a careful & proper way to wash out your curtain with some known hacks that don’t harm your plastic curtains.

The Bottom Line

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