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The right way to approach deep cleaning

No matter how spotlessly clean your house may look, it can always use a proper deep cleaning now and then. Though it may seem cumbersome, it can be managed efficiently if you follow a proper procedure and plan for it smartly rather than just diving into it. So, to help make this whole ordeal more hassle-free and easily manageable, here’s our guide to an efficient deep cleaning with important tips, suggestions, and work break-up.

Some tips to start your deep cleaning journey smoothly:

Begin with decluttering

The first and foremost step of deep cleaning should be to get rid of all the visible clutter. Clear out all the visible surfaces of any stuff and then either get rid of them or keep them in a closed space. This will not only make the cleaning process less of a hassle but also serve as an instant motivational boost.

Start from the ceiling and work your way down

It’s best to start your cleaning workup from higher up and then reach the floor in a stepwise fashion. Tackling the hard-to-reach areas of the ceiling, including the lights, trim, etc first is the way to go. The most efficient tool that you can use for cleaning these hard-to-reach surfaces is a MicroFibre Mop & Bucket.

Deep Cleaning the Windows

Windows are a fairly easy task to clean and make a huge difference once done right. All you need is a vacuum to get started. First, begin with the window sills, get to the tracks, and then the glass. It’s best to clean both the surfaces of the glass in opposite directions to minimize the streak lines. As for the curtains/blinds, just vacuuming them using a brush attachment is enough, or you can go for a dryer.

Dusting the Surfaces properly

Next, you need to start with cleaning the dust off of all the visible surfaces. This can be easily done using a simple furniture cleaner, a delicate cloth, and some polish. You can try using a lint roller for cleaning up your lampshades, pillows, etc.

Get down to the Floors

This is probably one of the most challenging tasks, and it will require you to move some heavy pieces of furniture such as beds, sofas, etc too. Furniture slides are available in the market, which can help a lot here. You can use a vacuum cleaner or a microfiber mop depending on the type of floor you have. As for the carpets, take this opportunity to get them thoroughly cleaned by a professional cleaner. 

The room-wise protocol

Deep Cleaning the Bedroom

For bedrooms, the focus should be on the bedding, mattress, and closets. For the bedding, take off all the covers, including the sheets, duvet covers, pillows, etc, and launder them as per their designation. Send your comforts for washing if you don’t have a large enough washer. While your bedding is being washed, take the opportunity to clean the mattresses. Some washing soda and a vaccine cleaner are all you need to get this job done. The last step is decluttering and reorganizing your closet. Get rid of the articles that you no longer want by either selling or donating them.

Deep Cleaning the Kitchen

Start with cleaning all the exposed surfaces of the cabinets using a wipe first and finish it off with a polish. Next do a thorough decluttering and cleaning of your refrigerator and all the other appliances such as the dishwasher, oven, gas stove including the surrounding areas. Then move to the counter. Clear out all the items from the countertop and wipe them clean. Lastly, get to the pantry and clean the shelves properly.

Deep Cleaning the Bathroom

If you use shower curtains, then start by washing them following their washing instructions. The next step is cleaning the shower area, including the doors, heads, and taps using distilled white vinegar or baking soda depending on how stubborn the stains are. Lastly, clean up the vanity and the cabinets. First, declutter them, remove the unwanted things and place the items back in order.

Deep Cleaning the Common Areas

For the living room and common areas, begin with freshening up the furniture. This includes removing all the covers and vacuuming the furniture thoroughly from the back as well as the front. For the other decor, use a microfiber brush to clean them properly. The electronics, should not be forgotten. Use a dusting stick for the same. Check all the cabinets and remove the unnecessary items. Last but not the least, send all the throw pillows or other such accessory items for laundry.


With this, we’ve wrapped up the general procedure that you’d need to follow for satisfactory deep cleaning. However, it’s perfectly normal to find this whole procedure overwhelming and difficult to carry out on your own. In such cases, you can always hire a professional deep cleaning service that will make your house spotlessly clean. Visit for an investment-worthy deep cleaning service.

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